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AmplitudeThreshold Cut off flow vectors whose amplitude are strict higher (or lower) than a given threshold.
AngularError Compare two flow fields wrt their endpoint error.
ArgosDisplay::ArgosDisplayPlugin Charon Plugin Frontend for advanced Argos Display.
BinOperator simple class to apply binary operators
BinOperatorCImg Perform binary operations on input image.
BinOperatorValue Binary operators for numbers.
ChannelConverter Channel Converter for CImgLists.
CImg2VigraMultiArray Convert a CImgList-Object to a vigra::MultiArray<5, T>
ColorMask Convert gray values into false colors.
Crop Simple class to crop images.
Demux2 Packs one CImgList into two.
DilationErosion morphology operation to dilate or erode
EndpointError Compare two flow fields wrt their endpoint error.
FileReader Simple class to read image files.
FileReaderHDF5 Read 5D vigra::MultiArray from a HDF5 file.
FileWriter Can write a CImg image to a file.
FileWriterHDF5 Write 5D vigra::MultiArray into a HDF5 file.
FloReader Simple class to read ground-truth files.
Flow2HSV Convert Flow into HSV Color Representation.
FlowQuiver Draw overlay with arrows representing the optical flow.
FloWriter Simple class to write motion files.
FrameSelect Select frames to be displayed (GUI-capable version of Crop)
FrameSelectCImg Select frames to be displayed (GUI-capable version of Crop)
ImageBlur Simple class to blur images.
ImageDisplay Simple class to display images.
Images2Sequence Generates an image sequence out of multiple images.
Int2Uint Slot Converter.
InterpolatorCubic Cubic interpolation scheme.
InterpolatorDiscrete Discrete interpolation scheme.
InterpolatorLinear Linear interpolation scheme.
LayeredMedianFilter calculate median of image windows
LengthError Compare two flow fields wrt their length error.
LinearFilter Linear filtering plugin.
Mask1D generate simple 1D filter mask
MedianFilter calculate median of image windows
Mirror mirror selected dimension(s)
Mux2 Packs two CImgLists into one.
Normalize Simple class to normalize images.
Quiver Plot flow quiver as a transparent widget onto an image displayed by an ArgosDisplay.
ResidualPlot Charon Plugin Frontend for residual energy plotting.
Resize Simple class to resize images.
Rgb2Hsv simple class to convert rgb images to hsv format
Roi ROI - Region of Interest.
RoiOffset Adds given values as offset to the ROI borders.
Size Image Size.
SplineResize Resize image using B-spline interpolation.
StatisticsDisplay::StatisticsDisplayPlugin Charon Plugin Frontend for statistics calculation and display widget.
SteeredDerivative Calculation of steered derivatives.
StructureTensor Structure Tensor Calculation.
Subarray vigra implementation of crop
Threshold simple class to threshold images
Toggle Toggle two inputs wrt a given timeout.
Uint2Int Slot Converter.
VigraMultiArray2CImg Convert a vigra::MultiArray<5, T> to a CImgList-Object.
Warp Warping of images and image sequences.
WarpSymmetric Symmetric warping of images pairs.

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