Charon Suite Manpages

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About the Manpages

The manpages show how to call the applications shipped with charon-suite from the command line and give a reference of their command line options and parameters.

The manpages are generated from the docbook xml files located in the man directory of the projects. If you are using linux binary packages (e.g. deb packages), it is likely that these manpages already have been installed to your system. E.g. typing man charon at the command prompt should show the page charon(1).

The html pages you are currently reading are another possibility to read the man page content online. The pages are synchronized with the current bzr upstream located at launchpad.

Table of Contents

charon — Command line workflow executor
charon xml helper — detect charon modules from doxygen xml files
tuchulcha — A graphical configuration tool for charon
tuchulcha-run — Command line workflow executor
paraminspector — a graphical ParameterFile editor
templategenerator — A Qt Wizard for charon module code template generation
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