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Affine2Translation Transform affine motion parameters to translation.
AffineBCC EnergyStencil for overparameterized affine 6D Brightness Constancy Constraint.
BrightnessModels::Constant a brightness model for no brightness change
BrightnessModels::Diffusion includes diffusion in brightness model
CdFitter Function fitter using contrastive divergence algorithm.
CGSolver Unconstrained gradient based optimization using nonlinear conjugate gradients.
CGSolverHelper Helper for connecting a CGSolver.
DataConstant Brightness constancy data term.
Diff2D Calculate 2D derivatives.
EdgySequenceGenerator Generate test sequences with motion edges.
EnergyBCC EnergyStencil for Brightness Constancy Constraint.
EnergyClassic EnergyStencil for so called classic regularization.
EnergyCoupling EnergyStencil for coupling two flow fields.
FlowComparator Compare results of some flow calculation with the underlaying ground truth.
Gbcce General Brightness Change Constraint Equation.
ImageRotation Image rotation and ground-truth generation.
Irls calculate median of image windows
IrlsNonLocal calculate non-local median of image windows
IteratorHelper Helper for iterative image processing algorithms.
L2Norm Laplacian stencil used for regularization in global methods.
LucasKanadeSmoothing Calculate locally smoothed derivatives.
MagnitudeRegularization Stencil for regularization of the magnitude r.
MatchConstraint Stencil for matching against parameter guess at masked positions.
McmcSampler Markov chain monte carlo sampler.
MixtureOfGaussians Mixture of gaussians.
MotionModels::LocalConstant motion model with local constant flow
MotionModels::LucasKanade motion model with local constant flow
Newton2 Second order Newton method.
PenaltyCharbonnier Charbonnier PenaltyFunction.
PenaltyCombined Combined PenaltyFunction.
PenaltyLorentzian Lorentzian PenaltyFunction.
PenaltyQuadratic Quadratic PenaltyFunction.
PetscSolver PETSc implementation of a solver.
PsiFunction function implementing psi energy term
PyramidLowpass Lowpass filtering for pyramid-based flow-estimation algorithms.
PyramidRescale Rescaling for pyramid-based flow-estimation algorithms.
PyramidRescaleMask Pyramid rescaling of binary masks for multi-scale motion estimation.
PyramidRescaleMatlab MATLAB-like Rescaling for pyramid-based flow-estimation algorithms.
RelaxingIterator Iterator based on SimpleIterator class but with additional relaxing feature.
ReSample Pyramidal resampling of data.
Residual calculates motion compensated intensity difference (residual)
Rfmc Range Flow Motion Constraint equation.
SampleGenerator apply given sampler to generate test images
SequenceGenerator Generate simple test sequences with ground truth.
SimpleDiff Calculate 2D derivatives.
SimpleIterator Iterate parts of the processing pipeline.
SimpleWarp Simple Warping of images and image sequences.
SpatialPW This is the SpatialPW stencil.
TrigonometricBCC Stencil for trigonometric Brightness Constancy Constraint.
Value Module returning a value.
WeightedMedian calculate median of image windows
WeightsNonLocal calculate non-local weights

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